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Help us get safe road crossings

We've started a campaign to lobby Waka Kotahi NZTA to install safe road crossings in Maungatapere.

We all know that State Highways 14 and 15 are busy and dangerous roads – and that there are no safe crossings for people who want to walk or bike across them.

We believe that our town deserves better. We need safe and accessible crossings that allow us to move around our village so we can safely get to school, see the doctor, get to the shops, get a coffee, and see friends and family.

We are asking for:

● Pedestrian crossing on SH15 near the school where many students and community members cross daily

● A crossing on SH14 between GAS Maungatapere and MTL to make it safer for pedestrians and better connect our village.

Show your support by signing the petition.

Help spread the word! Share the petition with your friends, family, and neighbours – together, we can make our village safer.

We will keep you updated with our progress. For questions or additional support, email us at

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