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Help create a safer Maungatapere

Thanks to everyone who turned out for the Safer Community hui in November. We had 30 people attend with local elected representatives, Neighbourhood Support and NZ Police. Community members came from Maungatapere, Otaika Valley, Kokopu, Whatitiri, Titoki and Poroti.

It really highlighted the importance of reporting all incidents to enable police to see the scale of the problem - even when we don't feel like we've had an immediate response. And the importance of building a well-connected neighbourhood and community.

We have passed on feedback from the community to council and police and will follow up with some action points in the new year, particularly around highlighting the scale and ongoing issue of street racers in our community. But it’s going to involve everyone playing their part. So here’s a few things you can do to help make our community a safer, more connected place to live, work and play.

Get reporting!

Please REPORT EVERYTHING to NZ Police (not just to your local Facebook groups). If it’s happening now, call 111. If it has happened in the past, report to non-emergency by calling 105 or 105 online. This includes people doing burnouts or racing, suspicious activity, theft (including items from your letterbox), and anything else you think they need to know about. Even if it’s just a description of a car or suspicious person, it can help paint a picture for police staff. Reporting everything will help Police understand the pattern of crime and issues in an area and help police better allocate resources to our area. . Information can also be provided anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. Join Neighbourhood Support

We’re helping establish a Maungatapere Neighbourhood Support group. It is a great way to get to know your community and help deter issues like theft. It’s free to sign up! Connecting with your neighbours and Neighbourhood Support signage can help keep us all safer. Neighbourhood Support works with NZ Police and sends out information on any issues that are local to your area, which is another way people can keep up-t0-date with what's going on in their community and what to watch out for. You can join online or email to sign up

Visit Neighbourhood Support for more information and tips on keeping your home and community safe.

A well connected community is a safer community

Get to know your neighbours. A “lived in” house is less likely to get burgled. Things like bringing in their mail, mowing their lawn, or parking in their driveway can help if neighbours are away. Find ways to connect and bring your neighbours together. Discuss issues affecting your community.

Security cameras

Security cameras are a great deterrent, but there are are laws to be aware of and abide by whether it be to watch over your home or on your business premises to deter thieves. Signage is required to warn people that you have cameras operating. Here are some great tips on privacy laws and CCTV cameras.

Signage can be purchased at most major hardware stores. Neighbourhood Support also have two crime prevention signs available to buy to help deter unlawful hunters and trespassers.

Signs are available to Neighbourhood Supporters, New Zealand Police, as well as the general public at $21.95 per sign excluding GST and postage. To learn more about these signs or to place an order visit Neighbourhood Support.

Register your camera with Community Cam

If you do have security cameras installed, you can register them with Community Cam. It's a voluntary, not for profit community initiative where people can register a property with CCTV, and upload CCTV footage, to help solve crime in their neighbourhood. It means if there is an incident or issue, rather than door knocking, police can quickly sesarch the database and contact people in the local vacinity who are registered.

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